The left-wing blogs have been so completely overrun in the Brown-Coakley campaign that they have resorted to making up a phony “birther” controversy in an attempt to gin up a controversy before Tuesday.

Blue Mass Group has released a very tightly edited 15-second clip of Scott Brown which they are trying to spin into a claim that Brown is a birther. First, here’s the clip:

It is impossible from those few seconds to tell what the interview was about, what the context of the couple of sentences was, how the issue of the age of Obama’s mother came up, or what the completion of Brown’s point was. This editing has all the signs of a hatchet job, which is reflected in the spin.

Blue Mass Group titles its post “BMG Exclusive: Scott Brown thought maybe Obama was born out of wedlock.” There’s no story there, so everything is couched in maybe’s and might have beens, including the punch line:

I mean, maybe Brown really didn’t know, and was just expressing the fact that he was unsure whether Obama’s mother was married. But why would that possibility even be in his head?

That’s a story? But it’s all that was needed for fellow travelers to chime in to try paint Brown as a birther.

Dave Weigel wrote, in a post titled Scott Brown: Hey, Maybe Barack Obama Was Born Out of Wedlock:

But the liberal BlueMassGroup blog has found a video that reflects rather poorly on GOP candidate Scott Brown, in which he joshes with a TV reporter, in 2008, about whether Barack Obama was born out of wedlock.

TPM followed up with a similar theme, Does Scott Brown Think Barack Obama Was Born To Out Of Wedlock Mother?:

Check out this video, courtesy of Blue Mass Group, in which, after praising Sarah Palin, Massachusetts Senate hopeful Scott Brown appears to suggest he thinks Barack Obama was born out of wedlock — a false claim which has been advanced frequently by members of the ‘birther’ movement.

John Marshal of TPM also did a post, linking to the other TPM post quoted above, which comes right out with the birther accusation, Birther Before His Time?:

Part of the arcana of the ‘birther’ movement is the claim that Barack Obama’s parents were never actually married, and that Obama was born out of wedlock. In a TV chat show appearance back in 2008, Scott Brown suggested that he also didn’t think Obama’s parents ever got married and that Obama was an out-of-wedlock child.

AmericaBlog chimes in “apparently it’s another conspiracy theory surrounding Obama’s birth. It’s troubling that Brown, who is the GOP candidate for Kennedy’s Senate seat, is perpetuating these theories, and even laughing while putting them out there.”

There’s nothing there, yet the screams of “birther” are being made in a desperate last minute effort to smear Brown based on “maybe” this or “maybe” that. Indeed, Jonathan Chait sees this line of attack as the key to a Coakley victory.

How about this, and I don’t mean “maybe”: The people spinning this nonsense are desperate because they have nothing good to say about Martha Coakley and they are afraid that the majority of people in Massachusetts feel the same way.

Update: Look Who’s Claiming Obama’s Mother Was Not Married


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