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Coakley Endorsed By Two Kennedys Who Turned Down The Job

Coakley Endorsed By Two Kennedys Who Turned Down The Job

From CQ Politics blog:

The Coakley campaign announced in a release that Kennedy’s widow, Vicki, nephew Joe Kennedy, a former Massachusetts congressman, and great nephew Joe Kennedy III will endorse the Democratic nominee tomorrow in an event in Medford, Mass.
Interim Senate appointee Paul Kirk, a close associate of Sen. Kennedy and his family, will also throw his support behind Coakley.

Both Vicki and former Rep. Joe Kennedy were approached about running for the seat but ultimately passed.

Because the Kennedy endorsement of Barack Obama worked out so well for the nation.

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If the good people of Massachusetts elect Brown, I will book at least a week vacation there- I'm serious. I tip well, and I might not be the only one-

Say, isn't your football team called Patriots… as were your forefathers?

Do the right thing- just have a serious look at these two candidates, and you tell me who deserves a crack at the job…

As a lifelong Taxachusetts resident, I'm pretty sure we buried the last of the 'Remember Us When' Kennedy dynasty some months ago. Martha is groveling. She may need more political celebutards than this to speak and vouch for her. And sorry Vicki but most here people only care and remember poor Joan.

I think that a lot of people respect Vickie Kennedy (myself among them), but Theresa is right, we've been loyal to the Kennedys for decades. That died with Teddy, I'm afraid.

Go Scott BROWN!!!