PDS item of the day: A paparazzo with a long-range telephoto lense, hiding out in Hawaii to photograph Sarah Palin on vacation, snapped a photo of Palin in a campaign visor with the word “McCain” blackened out. TMZ scored the coup with the photo, and the nutroots have reacted with the predictable mix of scorn and amazement at Palin’s media savvy.

Because Palin set up the whole situation, obviously.

The media coverage, however, has left out the best Palin beach photo (below) from the TMZ website.

Let me guess the PDS reaction to this photo: Palin was using Trig as a prop for the paparazzo with the long-range telephoto lense, knowing that TMZ would put the photo on its website, the media would ignore it, then I would see it and post about it. Thanks for the scoop!

Update: We have the answer to why she did it: “Could former Alaska governor Sarah Palin be annoyed that Tiger Woods is getting all the attention?”

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