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The Difference Between Time and The Times

The Difference Between Time and The Times

Time Magazine Person of the Year: Ben Bernanke.

The Times of London’s Person of the Year: Neda Soltan.

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In awards as in other things, the US is "isolationist." THE TIMES has remained the international news vessel it has been and,as a result, has chosen from among many of the world's riches.

Agree with Krauthammer… The opportunity with the Iranian uprising was "spectacularly squandered" by the White House.

Time Magazine clearly wants no reminders of the Obama Administration's failures. And they count Bernanke as an Obama success. (Though no intelligent person can really say why.)

Neda, that beautiful Iranian young woman and martyr. She deserves to be the Person of the year. Her death has become the face of the Revolution in Iran….(it is not over in Iran)… but Bernanke is a total disgrace with his decision-making…. and Obama is a big fat failure.