As a follow up to my prior post, Read It Out Loud, note that today the clerk of the Senate is reading a version of the health care monstrosity out loud on the Senate floor, at the request of Tom Coburn, in response to an amendment proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) to implement a single-payer system. It should take days to read the 767-page amendment.

Go to Michelle Malkin for the details and link to the broadcast: “Fun fact: It took 17 minutes to read the 6 page table of contents.”

As I said in the prior post:

This absurd legislation deserves the theater of the absurd.

A reading out loud of this monstrosity for a day or two will be a great visual and audio montage.

This should make the cheering section happy.

Update: Apparently the reading has caused Sanders to withdraw his amendment, so the reading has stopped.

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