Harry Reid needs more than a weekend off. Perhaps we should, in the national interest, schedule a series of fundraisers for Reid running through the end of the year.

I say this because scheduling a fundraiser for Reid appears to be the only way to get him to take a time out from the cockamamie plans he is hatching in an effort to get a health care bill passed. The result has been an almost daily change in the structure and nature of a public option, Medicare buy-in, trigger, opt-out, and the list goes on.

We are not talking about just any particular pork project here, where the damage from politics-as-usual will be limited to a few billion dollars here or there. We are talking about one-sixth of the economy and hundreds of millions of people who are happy with their current private insurance.

We cannot afford a Rube Goldberg-like health care bill with unintended consequences, intended negative consequences for the private sector, and a structure which does absolutely nothing to empower individuals to take responsibility for their medical costs.

Harry Reid needs to take a time out. And we will not compare him to a slave owner for doing so.

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