Here are some obligatory Sarah Palin morning posts, because while you were sleeping, Palin was inching closer to Barack Obama in the polls, driving the nutroots crazy, getting positive late-night coverage for a change (that should really scare the PDS crowd), and generally having fun:

  • Sarah Palin def. William Shatner on Conan.
  • David Plouffe attempts to outsell Sarah Palin for one day, and fails massively.
  • Someone maps out a path to victory in 2012.
  • Palin inspires aspiring thesbians to the PDS edge.
  • Prominent left-wing blogger thunks out loud about what it will take to stop people from “clicking” on Palin.
  • Someone else answers the question, “How to solve a problem like Palin?”
  • HuffPo blogger demands Palin “quit dragging John Wooden into your sleazy and sloppy brand of demagoguery.” Yawn.
  • Palin finishes where she started.
  • The Seminal at Firedoglake exercises futility in promoting anti-Palin book.
  • Media Matters writes the words: “Everything she does is right, and even if she’s wrong, it’s not really her fault.” But I don’t think they mean it.

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