Yet more utter nonsense spread in the left-wing blogosphere, this time about how Joe Lieberman wants the U.S. to “invade” Yemen.

In fact, Lieberman said that we needed to act “preemptively” against al-Qaeda in Yemen to avoid Yemen becoming the next war, and said nothing advocating an invasion of Yemen. The usual twist of words: Joe Lieberman saying we should take steps to avoid invading Yemen gets portrayed as a statement by Joe Lieberman saying we should invade Yemen.

News flash, we are acting pre-emptively in Yemen, on orders of Barack Obama:

In the midst of two unfinished major wars, the United States has quietly opened a third, largely covert front against Al Qaeda in Yemen.

And we are doing it in cooperation with the government of Yemen, to avoid a situation as happened in Afghanistan leading up to 9/11.

Fortunately, when it comes to Yemen, Obama has more sense than his supporters, although the administration does need to do a better job connecting the dots from Yemen to terror activities such as the attempted Detroit airplane bombing. A good first step would be getting rid of Janet “The System Worked” Napolitano.

Since the U.S. currently is acting “preemptively” in Yemen, this must mean that Joe Lieberman has taken over the U.S. government, and is using Barack Obama as his puppet to wage unnecessary wars. Maybe that was part of the secret deal to get Independent Joe to vote for Obamacare.

The bigger question is: Why are we even worried about al-Qaeda in Yemen, since al-Qaeda is a “joke” and nothing to “fear“?

Unless, of course, you or a loved one is on the plane; or you support the right of Americans to live free from fear of attack; or you understand the collateral economic devastation from an airplane explosion; or you recall that successful attacks beget more attacks.

Somehow, if al-Qaeda were attacking “netroots” bloggers conferences, I doubt the threat would be viewed by these pundits as a joke and something not to fear.

Reason #3107 why we need to tune out the left-wing blogosphere on matters of national security.

Final thought: I’m taking Obama’s side on an issue. Happy New Year.

Update: From the NY Times:

Sewn into the underwear of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was a powerful plastic explosive, the authorities say.

Had Mr. Abdulmutallab, sitting in seat 19A of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Friday from Amsterdam to Detroit, been able to set off the explosive, it might have blown a hole in the side of the airplane and caused it to crash, experts believe.

Some “joke”; nothing to “fear” here, move along.

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