Unbelievable. Harry Reid compares those opposed to Democratic health restructuring proposals to people who opposed freeing the slaves, granting women the right to vote, and expanding civil rights:

“Instead of joining us on the right side of history, all the Republicans can come up with is, ‘slow down, stop everything, let’s start over.’ If you think you’ve heard these same excuses before, you’re right,” Reid said Monday. “When this country belatedly recognized the wrongs of slavery, there were those who dug in their heels and said ‘slow down, it’s too early, things aren’t bad enough.'”

He continued: “When women spoke up for the right to speak up, they wanted to vote, some insisted they simply, slow down, there will be a better day to do that, today isn’t quite right.

“When this body was on the verge of guaranteeing equal civil rights to everyone regardless of the color of their skin, some senators resorted to the same filibuster threats that we hear today.”

Sometimes the foolishness speaks for itself, so I’ll say nothing more, for the moment. Let it sink in. This is the Majority Leader of the Senate.

Update: Since I said I would “say nothing more, for the moment,” the posting of this video does not consitute saying anything more:


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