Andrew Sullivan called for Barack Obama to release Obama’s full birth certificate:

It is not my job as a journalist or yours as a citizen to take public officials on trust. They are not to be trusted, whoever they are. It is our job to demand all the evidence we want or need. I know the electronic record is legit. I have no doubt that Obama has every constitutional right to be president. I think the Birthers are nuts. But there is no reason on earth that the original cannot be retrieved and shown….

Obama promised total transparency. Where is it?

Sarah Palin, in response to a question during an interview, said it was alright for people like Sullivan to ask such questions, even though she was not and had not questioned Obama’s citizenship herself.

Strange thing, this internet. Sullivan’s other and continuing obsession is whether Trig Palin really is Sarah’s son. Yet Palin is defending Andrew Sullivan’s right to ask conspiracy questions. Talk about no degrees of separation.

Yes, Obama supporters have maneuvered the political sphere to the point that some questions cannot even be asked, not even by Andrew Sullivan. It is what it is, so focus on what we can deal with.

For the record, again, I want to focus on the mountain of paper Obama wants Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to push through the Congress which will wreak havoc on our economy, narrow our liberties, and ruin our health care system. Better get through these next few weeks, or we’ll have to deal with the consequences for our lifetimes.

Focusing on the single piece of paper in storage in Hawaii, which the State of Hawaii already has certified exists and shows Obama was born in Hawaii, makes it more likely that Obama’s mountain of paper will land on our heads.

I’d say this controversy is just what the doctor ordered for Democrats.

Update: See, Andrew Sullivan appreciates that Sarah came to his defense:

But I am grateful that Palin herself has now said that the attempt to get independent factual evidence of factual claims made by politicians as a central part of their campaign appeal and platform is legitimate. Of course it’s legitimate. It’s called journalism and accountability.

But as we have discovered, those two elements are no longer very common among journalists and politicians. They are all infotainers now.

Somehow I don’t think we’ve heard the end of the Trig business from Andrew, although I doubt it will generate as long a thread at Memeorandum.

Added: Wow, that didn’t take long. The electrons had barely ceased doing what ever electrons do on my update, when Andrew Sullivan proclaimed:

Palin Puts The Trig Question Back On The Table

I think I know where Sullivan is going on this. A prisoner exchange: Trig’s birth certificate for Obama’s.

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