When protests over a fraudlent election spread in Iran last June, the Obama administration insisted that it needed to tread carefully so as to leave open the possibility of dialogue with the Iranian regime on the nuclear issue. The possibility of a regime change instigated not by outside forces, but by internal opposition, was left on the cutting room floor by the Obama administration’s “negotiations without preconditions” script.

Those negotiations have failed miserably, as we have noted here before. The Obama administration was hoodwinked into thinking it had reached an agreement for Iran to ship its uranium abroad for reprocessing, only to have the Iranians deny that there ever was an agreement. Deadlines set by the Obama administration and European countries for Iran to cease uranium enrichment not only have come and gone, the Iranians have announced new plans for even more enrichment facilities.

Protests once again are sweeping the streets of Tehran. What is the Obama administration’s excuse this time for refusing to voice support for the protesters, now that the dialogue with the Iranian regime has failed?

Are we still for regime perpetuation in Iran, and if so, why?


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