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I’ve posted about Alan Grayson before. The Congressman from Florida is the class clown of Congress (that’s including Al Franken in the equation).

Grayson not only is nuts, he has dangerous tendencies. As reported at Politico, Grayson is trying to get the Justice Department to prosecute someone who set up the website “” which mocks Grayson, on the ground that the author does not live in Grayson’s district.

This, according to Grayson’s letter to Eric Holder, amounts to a criminal fraud for which the author should be prosecuted and imprisoned.

Alan Grayson would be just the class clown, were he not a nasty clown who cannot take half as much criticism as he dishes out. Even that would be okay, but Grayson is dangerous to the liberty of this country by trying to criminalize what clearly is political speech.

The only things Grayson will accomplish is to further prove that he is a buffoon, and to drive enormous traffic to “”

Hey Alan, can you help me out with my traffic?

We’ll call it an Alan-Grayson-Is-Nutstalanche.

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The sad part is that Holder is just as whacked out as Grayson. I could actually see him taking the case.

Sounds like something Chavez would try in Venezuela.

We're from North Florida and yes, this guy is nuts. I believe he is actually insane. Grayson is a real ultra commie Liberal that makes outrageous statements. Shame on the people who voted for him! His constituents must be dumber than a sack of hammers.

Thank God, these idiots were not around when the Constitution was being written, or when the Colonies declared Independence. I hate these idiots.

Here's a question. What is the difference between a harmless nutjob in Congress and a man capable of killing millions he perceives as a threat?

The second amendment and the genius of our founding fathers to design a government like ours which works because not only do the three branches support each other, they act with friction against each other to slow things down.

Until now. Obama will go after the free media and the guns next. I wrote about this in 1997. The book was an exercise in "what if." What would it take to cause a nation to fall under the spell and control of a rogue President. The people who read it back then laughed saying no way it could happen.

They aren't laughing now. It is coming out soon.