No, not another Tiger Woods post. A “pick me up” as in lifting my spirits just a little as I read the headlines about Harry Reid desperately trying to talk his way into something, anything, Barack Obama can sign prior to the State of the Union address in January.

From a post titled “Idiocy,” by Markos Moulitsas, founder of DailyKos, reacting to a solicitation he received by spam e-mail from the Democratic National Committee, signed by Barack Obama, seeking at least a $5 donation as a reward for the DNC’s efforts on health care reform:

Really? All we have to do is send the DNC $5 and we get ponies? The same DNC that is enabling corporatist Democrats to water down and destroy any hope for health care reform? That DNC?

This is so freakin’ obnoxious I can hardly stand it. We are about to get a turd of a “reform” package, potentially worse than the status quo. We have the insurance industry declaring victory, Republicans cackling with glee, and the administration is using that piece of shit to raise money? ….

In fact, this is insulting, betraying a lack of understanding of just how pissed the base is at this so-called reform. The administration may be happy to declare victory with a mandate that enriches insurance companies, yet creates little incentive to control costs or change the very business practices that have screwed so many people. But I’ll pass.

Democrats are demoralized, and have little incentive to turn out next year. The teabaggers will turn out. If this is how the Obama camp thinks we can energize the base — by promising them a health care pony for $5 to the same Democratic Party that is home to the likes of Baucus, Nelson, Lincoln, Lieberman, and the rest of the obstructionist gang — then we’re in for a world of hurt in 2010.

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