I want to believe Tiger Woods’ statement that the rumors about his wife attacking him are false. Refusing to speak with the police, however, is not a good sign.

One issue keeps popping back into my mind on this. Tiger’s wife reportedly helped extricate him from the car by smashing a window with a golf club.

So where did she get the golf club?

Even in the Tiger Woods household, it is hard to believe that Mrs. Woods first thought, upon realizing that her husband’s car had crashed, was “let me grab a golf club.” And at 2:25 in the morning, it is doubtful that she was practicing her chip shot at the time.

Second question.

Why didn’t she just open the door? The photos show only damage to the front end. The Escalade SUV is a big vehicle, and it is hard to believe that none of the doors would open merely because of a relatively modest front-end collision.

Third question.

Why am I blogging about this? Another waste of a good education (see, I said it, so no need to send e-mails telling me what I already know).

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