The attempts by Nancy Pelosi to cajole and/or threaten House Democrats into voting for the House health care restructuring bill has a surreal quality about it.

Pelosi reminds me of a suicidal jumper on a ledge, with Republicans trying to talk Pelosi down since if she jumps, she’ll take the health care system with her. Blue Dog Democrats also don’t want Pelosi to jump, because she’ll take along the Democratic Party as well.

But Pelosi is pushing back, saying she means it, she’ll really do it, don’t try to stop her. She’ jump Saturday night, she swears she will. She’s not kidding.

Sure, the betting odds are that Pelosi will jump, and she’ll take 218-225 House Democrats with her. And at least in the short run, it will accomplish nothing because Harry Reid still does not have enough votes in the Senate to pass a similar bill, so Pelosi will have jumped for nothing.

That we don’t want Pelosi to jump is the ultimate political irony. If Republicans were selfish, we’d find a way to make sure Pelosi received her 218th Democratic vote, so we could say “we told you so” all throughout 2010.

Maybe we should shout, “so jump already!”

But we’re not that way. Because preventing Pelosi from taking our health care system with her on her long fall towards earth is more important than political gain.

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