The Bow controversy will not stop. Jake Tapper at his blog has some comments by an expert on Japanese cultural norms arguing that Obama’s close inspection of the Emperor’s shoes was neither protocol nor culturally appropriate:

“The bow as he performed did not just display weakness in Red State terms, but evoked weakness in Japanese terms….The last thing the Japanese want or need is a weak looking American president and, again, in all ways, he unintentionally played that part.

This story was picked up at HotAir and elsewhere. Which led to this accusation of racism:

Are Couch Potato Conservatives and the mainstream media complaining when Obama bows to any non-white monarch, but scoring his or First Lady Michelle Obama’s every small move with white royalty, what we should expect in the Age of Obama? It certainly seems that way and that’s a very sad pattern for America to display.

If Couch Potato Conservatives had their way, the kind of cowboy behavior of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney would be the order of the day: white monarchs would receive the proper greeting protocol and non-white royalty a simple hand shake. It’s no wonder President Obama has to do so much work to do in restoring America’s popularity around the World.

It only was a matter of time before the race card was played. With some Bush Derangement Syndrome thrown in for free.

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