As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am not a fan of Media Matters. All too often, Media Matters spends way too much time staring at videos of the latest O’Reilly show or speech by a Republican politician, or listening to every syllable uttered by Rush Limbaugh, trying to find a sentence which can be taken out of context and used to attack conservatives and Republicans.

But Media Matters gets it right on the sexist nature of the Sarah Palin Newsweek cover: Newsweek should worry more about how to solve its problem with sexism. Media Matters also does a good job at analyzing the contents of the issue to further amplify the point, as well as other sexist treatment of Palin.

Of course, Media Matters is not completely disinterested. Media Matters makes sure to point out that Hillary received similar sexist treatment (although the sexist treatment of Hillary was not sexualized as it is with Palin).

I do disagree with Media Matter’s post in one respect. Media Matters writes that “Newsweek is supposed to be a serious newsmagazine.” Depends on what the meaning of “supposed to be” is. A decade ago, maybe Newsweek was serious. Now it is mostly a publicity hound starving for readers who have moved on to internet sources and blogs. Newsweek’s specialty is in provocative covers, as when it declared the “The Decline and Fall of Christian America”.

But give credit where credit is due. Media Matters got it right this time.

UPDATE: Never Missing An Excuse To Attack Trig Palin

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