Barack Obama held another off-the-record 2-hour lunch with bloggers and columnists, Sister Todjah reports:

No word yet on how the sour grapes tasted.

This is becoming a regular occurrence, isn’t it? What’s happening with this WH? Are they so concerned now about MSM journalists like Jake Tapper asking them tough questions that they’ve taken to meeting “off-the-record” with liberal talking heads (and David Brooks – I know, same thing) in an effort to get “the real truth” out? Answer: Most likely. Hell, that’s why they’re pretty much boycotting Fox News at this point, and demanding that other liberals follow suit or else, because they can’t stand the heat and prefer “friendlier” news outlets, so it only stands to reason that the same rule applies here with these “off-the-record” chit chats where no one outside of the “inner circle” knows what was said. But of course, the “scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back” rule applies here. Write a favorable column, or say favorable things about the administration on either your show or a show where you’re a guest, and you’ll continue to get invited to “off-the-record” WH get togethers.

So much for “open government, accountable only to the people.”

Love that first line, but I’m not sure the big issue is open government.

To me, it’s Obama’s obsession with image. Like the girl looking in the mirror who cannot seem to get that last strand of hair in just the right place, Obama never is satisfied with his media image.

Fox News is the stray strand in Obama’s otherwise perfectly coiffed media hairdo, and the more Obama obsesses over that slight imperfection, the worse he looks.

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