It is not good for any President when bloody World War II analogies are all that supportive columnists and bloggers can muster in defense of your inability to get things done:

  • Paul Krugman: Obama as Anzio. “Allied forces landed far behind enemy lines, catching their opponents by surprise. Instead of following up on this advantage, however, the American commander hunkered down in his beachhead — and soon found himself penned in by German forces on the surrounding hills, suffering heavy casualties.” So does that mean WE are the enemy, Obama snuck in behind our lines, and we should want him to attack us harder? Now I get it.
  • Jonathan Chait: Suggesting an alternative to Krugman’s Anzio analogy in favor of Obama as impotent 1938 Czechoslovakia being carved up in the 1938 Munich Accords, to which OpenLeft responds “Obama as 1938 Czechoslovakia? That’s the defense?”

Maybe the comparisons of Obama to FDR are coming true, although not in the way Obama supporters expected a year ago.

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