The Newsweek cover of Sarah Palin in fitness clothing is becoming the teachable moment of the year. Because liberal women are beginning — just beginning — to acknowledge that liberals of both genders are so driven by hatred of Sarah Palin that their worst instincts are coming out.

And it is recognition of those instincts, not the specific treatment of Palin, which forms the basis for the teachable moment of the year.

This, from liberal stalwart Taylor Marsh:

  • “This has got to be the worst case of pictorial sexism aimed at political character assassination ever done by a traditional media outlet.”
  • “Oh, and by the way, I also don’t buy the argument that middle age women who have the gift of genealogy and have kept fit wouldn’t also show off their bodies given the right moment. It’s just few women of a certain age have that luxury, because they just don’t have the body, though that shouldn’t bring out the claws. However, jealousy always rears its head when beautiful women are in the mix.”
  • “The Newsweek cover insult goes along with the emails I’m getting. So many people spewing such hate over Sarah that I’ve simply stopped talking about her in casual conversations, especially with liberals. They’ve lost their sanity over Sarah.”
  • “An example of how powerful women are still treated in this country, especially in the political arena. Peggy Noonan and others often point to Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher as examples of female leaders who used their gender and didn’t complain about the press coverage they received. Neither of these women had to face the American press.”

It’s not just insanity, Taylor. It’s what lurks barely below the surface of the Democratic Party and mainstream media in the form of liberal dogma as to what and who is acceptable. Just ask Hillary and her supporters.

That’s the teachable moment, if you choose to learn it.

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