Can’t seem to get motivated to write in great detail about John Kerry’s “hey, look, I just issued a report about George W. deliberately letting Osama go in Tora Bora, you know, the same argument I have been making for several years and which failed to get me elected President; but this time I’ve got the goods on him, based on public information readily available for years which has been the basis for public reexamination of the military tactic of a “light footprint;” I just had to release this report on the eve of Obama announcing his intention to put more troops into Afghanistan subject to conditions, even though I’ve had this important information for years.”

Go to Mudville Gazette for a good take-down of John “20/20 Hindsight” Kerry’s political posturing.

But a more important point on Kerry. The BDS Victims who are cheering the report will soon realize that Kerry is, once again, playing both sides.

The report was issued not just to reopen old wounds, but also to justify putting more troops into Afghanistan, as Obama will announce Tuesday. So while the Left cheers, they should understand that the report is not intended to support their agenda.

In other words, Kerry issued a report in favor of the left-wing agenda before he used the report against the left-wing agenda.

Happy now?

Update: BlackFive also has a good explanation as to why the John Kerry’s of the world don’t know what they are talking about. Contrary to the ridiculous talk by some that Bush and the military commanders “apparently didn’t believe that capturing or killing the man responsible for murdering 3000+ Americans was very interesting or worthwhile,” there were many other factors militating against dropping 800 Army Rangers into the mountains with little infrastructure (at the time) for resupply. But then again, everyone is a genius in hindsight.

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