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If Republicans Had Done This, Part 8097

If Republicans Had Done This, Part 8097

If Republicans had done this, you would hear screams across the mainstream media and left-wing blogosphere loud enough to wake Larry King. Racial disparity: All active ethics probes focus on black lawmakers:

The House ethics committee is currently investigating seven African-American lawmakers — more than 15 percent of the total in the House. And an eighth black member, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), would be under investigation if the Justice Department hadn’t asked the committee to stand down.

Not a single white lawmaker is currently the subject of a full-scale ethics committee probe.

Not to mind, the left-wing blogs are preparing the ground to claim that accusations of election fraud are racist, because the accusations often are made in states with large black populations:

Hmmm. Close race, state with big African-American population, election day, Fox/Drudge right-wing news machine … isn’t about time for the phony vote fraud allegations to start flying?

That’s what I thought.

And what I think is that this proves the race card is just a game, unrelated to facts. Democratic investigations only of black lawmakers, not racist. Republican allegations of voter fraud in states with large black populations, racist.

So predictable.

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