The Huffington Post has removed the impostor who was using “Legal Insurrection” to post comments at HuffPo, as detailed in my prior post, Why Is Someone Impersonating Me?

People impersonating others is a real problem on the internet, and should give caution to anyone who relies on comments or other entries as “proof” that someone said something.

Some other person used my blog address without permission to post a derogatory comment directed at the author of a blog called Peking Duck (““I hope you get AIDS from a loved one.”) . I never made that comment, and the blog author — to his credit — posted a correction on his own when he realized the hoax, even before I found out about it: “Twisted, the commenter wrote back and said he/she is not Bill Jacobson despite listing it as their blog, so let’s not retaliate.” I’m not sure what “retaliation” was in store for me, but it proves my point about how easy it is for impostor to create problems.

As suggested by readers and other bloggers, I had reported the abusive conduct to the HuffPo web administrator. And HuffPo acted promptly. I’ve requested the imposter’s contact information, so this may not be the end of the story.

Thanks HuffPo!

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