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How’s That Iran Negotiation Going?

How’s That Iran Negotiation Going?

As Obama heads to Capitol Hill today to round-up some reluctant Blue Dog Democratic votes to ruin our health care system, raise taxes, and get the IRS involved in our lives even further, I was wondering if Obama could answer this unimportant question:

How’s that Iran negotiation going?

You know, Iran, the country plunging head-long towards nuclear weapons capability, testing warhead designs, launching a satellite into space today on a solid fuel rocket that can reach Warsaw. (Side question, how’s that central European missile defense going?)

Yeah, that Iran, the one which supposedly agreed to ship its uranium for processing abroad, only to renege. The supposed agreement received so much fanfare as reflecting the wisdom of Obama’s “negotiation without precondition” policy. The reneging, well not so much attention.

Funny how that works in Obama’s world. Smile, he’s “giving us” health care.

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Safir 2 as a whole is not "powered" by a solid-fuel motor in any meaningful way. Its development may add a solid kick motor in the same way Star 48 is used on U.S. Delta II, albeit on a smaller scale. DEBKA is bullshitting as usual.

So do you also dispute the range?

No, I don't dispute the range. They had Slavic countries covered for a while. I suspect Sarkosy talks tougher than Obama on this because he's next in line. Iranians don't even need a very effective thermal protection system to reach Paris and London.

Um, sorry, but it looks you Mr. Iran Apologist are the bullshitter. For example, here they lay out the mounting evidence that Safir-2 is more powerful and advanced than some think:

Oh, and guess what? Obamas appeasement to the contrary, Iran plans to develop an even more advanced version of the Safir with *two solid fuel boosters* and launch it sometime this year!:

And notice I actually backed up my claims with sources. You however just spout off a bunch of stuff and we're supposed to take your word for it that you're some kind of Iran expert who knows more than everyone else. And what you said above is akin to saying, "cars are not powered by fuel-combustion engines in any meaningful way, they just give the car an added "kick." Shove off.