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How Do They Think This Stuff Up?

How Do They Think This Stuff Up?

From a post titled White Men Are Not Very Progressive:

… progressive politics is badly disadvantaged by a situation in which the overwhelming majorities of political leaders and prominent media figures are white men. There are plenty of white men with progressive views, but in general the majority of white men are not progressive and the majority of progressives are not white men. Drawing from the relatively small pool of white male progressives means drawing from a shallow talent pool.

The problem is not too few white male progressives, but the progressive message. Regardless of the color of skin of the voter, the progressive message is stale and never resonated with the American public.

It’s a center-right nation which elected someone who convinced 53% of the voters he was a centrist. Some people knew better then. More people know better now.

UPDATE 7:35 p.m.: While I was flying over the states which have all the non-progressive white males, Jules Crittendon was collecting links and thoughts on the idiocy of the thesis of a shallow pool of progressive white males, and how a commenter at Lawyers Guns and Money blog pwned Scott Lemieux in reaction to his hit piece on me. That’s what happens when you play lawyer on a blog, but not in real life.

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What the left can't fathom by any strectch of their imagination is the fact that people reject their message out right. So they have to come up time and time again with outdated and nonsensical reasons for their own inadequacies.Societies rejection of their message can't be because their rhetoric and inaction show them to be overblown empty has to be someone else's fault. It's actually quite boring. But its like any orthodoxy. People need to find fault with the "rejector" rather than the message.

~The electorate is not responsive to our message. We must have a new electorate.~

The progressive diversity crowd does not like nor really welcome white males unless they understand their place, which is not equal or better, but inferior and ashamed. That is a hard place for people who value their own life and feel equal to others, not better, but equal. What the diversity crowd fails to acknowledge is that without the traditions and contributions of white males (dead and alive), we probably would not have the country we do today. We still expect males (especially white males) to display chivalrous behavior, and when they do, they get bashed.

I meant to post on this but every time I read Yglesias's title I have a giggle fit. Silliness aside, according to a recent Gallup poll only 21% of the population self identify as liberal so it stands to reason that there is a short fall of progressives of every race and both sexes.

Well those in the administration have already stated its time those "who have done good work" to step aside and make room for "people of color". They've chosen their own political executioners and soon enough the reaping will begin.

Indeed. And as they say, where there's smoke, there's fire. Or in this case, where there are old white guys there are probably… white people. A lot of progressives are white folks. That includes white guys. A lot of conservatives are white folks. We don't see white as a four-letter word; it's just another box on the census, albeit one that probably won't get you any gov't party favors. A lot of Americans are white folks. That's just a scientific fact.

It seems to me like "progressives" have a hard time accepting responsibility/consequences.

and it must be remembered that a Progressive journalist actually pulled the plug on ACORN – yes James O'Keefe is a Progressive, not Conservative. It is just that he is more honest and saw that something was wrong, then went with a hunch….