Another post by Matthew Yglesias engaging in gross generalizations and stereotypes of the politically acceptable kind, Stuff White People Like: Disapproving of Barack Obama:

The diversity issues that you see at the elite level of most of American life are, in my opinion, particularly egregious in the punditry world. People whose job is largely to express a point of view really ought to come from a variety of points of view, and it’s a huge problem in politics since demographics are so closely linked to political opinion….

About 50 percent of Americans approve of Obama’s job performance, but he’s overwhelmingly liked among non-white Americans and quite widely disliked by white Americans. Our punditry, however, is done almost exclusively by white people and pretty overwhelmingly by a demographic of older white men that’s pretty much the most right-wing cohort you can construct.

If demographics drive political opinion, then I suppose the types of pundits Ygelsias wants to see more of are the Thomas Sowell type, and less of the Keith Olbermann/Frank Rich type.

Like I said, how do they think this stuff up?

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