It is clear that Democrats, who opposed shock and awe on the actual battlefield, find it a useful tactic in the health care debate.

Last night, Harry Reid released the 2,074 page bill he created in secret, and he wants to start debate immediately. If he had his way (which fortunately he doesn’t) he also would end debate immediately.

It is hard to get one’s hands around 2,074 pages. At least with the bills proposed over the summer we had weeks to understand all the obvious and hidden defects and mischief. Once the truth about the bills became known, the American people revolted and Democrats were reduced to calling protesters terrorists, Nazis, and racists, with some crude sexual innuendo used against Tea Party protesters.

It is unclear whether we will have sufficient time to provide the same analysis of Reid’s bill as we were able to do over the summer. Or if the American people will have a chance to have their voices heard again.

I will be posting on individual provisions in the coming days, but it will take time. For starters, check out: Dems to Tax Cosmetic Surgery.

The message to Senators Bayh, Landrieu, Lincoln and Nelson — the only Democrats willing to listen to reason — is to delay the start of Senate debate until everyone has had the same amount of time to review and understand the bill as Harry Reid had to draft it. Every single Republican, and Independent Joe Lieberman, needs to stand firm on this as well.

That would mean starting debate — if at all — sometime in December or January.

Shock and awe is a useful battlefield tactic. But why is it being used against the American people?

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