When the story of the e-mails “hacked” (or leaked) from a British climate institute first exploded, I was very cautious. I’m turning from a “hacked e-mails skeptic” to a “hacked e-mails believer” for two reasons.

First, numerous bloggers have done a good job exploring and explaining the e-mails (including, but certainly not limited to, Doug Ross, John Hinderaker, Andrew Bolt, and James Delingpole). Even supporters of global warming theories recognize the damaging nature of the e-mails, although still defending the overall nature of the science.

Second, the conduct of the left-wing blogs and mainstream media reflects an uneasiness. An initial couple of days of dismissiveness have given way to a silence reminiscent of the Van Jones affair. As the videos and audios of Jones dribbled out day-after-day, the usually vocal blogs and mainstream media pundits fell silent, reduced to watching centrist- and right-wing blogs and Fox News dig out the truth.

The final chapter has not been written, but it appears that the “hacked” e-mails are genuine, and reflect genuine intellectual dishonesty among researchers at and interacting with a prominent climate control institute.

How far the scandal goes remains to be seen. But some things are for sure:

The mainstream media will play little or no role in investigating the scandal, and will actively attempt to marginalize the effects by focusing on how the e-mails were obtained. And the left-wing blogs will have no choice but to sit idly by as the Van Joneses of the global warming community twist in the wind.

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