First impressions and reactions can be dangerous, but here goes:

Passing the monstrous health care bill by just 5 votes in the House is a pyrrhic victory. Yes, it is a victory tonight for Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, but at an enormous political price.

There will be hell to pay for Democrats who voted in favor of the Stupak amendment banning any federal funding of abortions or any use of the new health care provisions for abortion. Very, very sweeping. Hell to pay from liberal Democrats who are fuming foaming at the internet mouth as I type.

There will be hell to pay for Democrats from red states and swing states, from Republicans, independents, and moderate Democrats. Names are being taken, and 2010 will be the most vicious political campaign any of us have seen. Ever.

There will be hell to pay for any of the moderate Democrat Senators who are sitting on the fence, if they vote in favor of the Senate version, or vote for cloture.

The health care legislation is so sweeping, reaches so far into our pocket books and lives, that there is no room for forgiveness this time.

Just a first reaction, subject to that caveat.

UPDATE: From someone who should know, one is the loneliest number for Anh Cao. Tough day for her [Pat at And So It Goes In Shreveport], first LSU loses to Alabama, then the American people lose to Nancy Pelosi. Take a look also at Tyranny of the Left Marches On.

For left-wing reaction to the Stupac amendment, check out 64 Dems Ask for Primary Opponents and Obama’s Failed Promise, and In Pelosi’s House, 64 Democrats Sell Women Out.

And see my new post, NY Times Names Names.

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