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Executing Paralyzed Hasan “Barbaric”

Executing Paralyzed Hasan “Barbaric”

It is reported that Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter, is paralyzed. So you knew this was coming:

How barbaric that the military will seek to kill a man with no sensation in his body from the chest down. He might prefer it (I certainly would) but it’s inexusable behavior for a civilized society and way beyond the pale of decency.

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Hey, at least he's still alive. Can't say the same for the people he's murdered. And it's too bad the media didn't have the guts to call his actions 'barbaric'.

Shooting him, which resulted in paralysis, was necessary to stop him from killing more people. He still must answer for the crime of killing 14 people (always include the unborn). For that, he deserves death.

the penalty for treason, for that's what his actions were, has always been death. that he murdered 14 people, and wounded dozens more, is just icing on the cake.

in fact, since he was an enemy combatatant disguised in a US Army uniform, the correct punishment under the Geneva Convention and the Laws of Land Warfare is summary judgement and execution on the battlefield. the cop should have put in the "two more rounds" the GI's present were calling for, and done us all a favor.

It's interesting to see that on Talk Left where that post appeared, most of the comments, even from people who oppose the death penalty generally, are not in sinc with the poster on the penalty being "barbaric" for Hasan.

I'd say let him live in the Playboy mansion until the injured and dead are fully recovered.

Just to be sure I have this right. Hasan likely wants to die. That poster wants him kept alive anyway. And we're the barbaric ones.

Got it.

If it would be less "barbaric" to simply shoot him again, as he repeatedly shot his victims until they were dead, I'm okay with that.

A military firing squad would fit the bill.

I think there are two reasons to be offended by this. First, it is so much like that old cliche about chutzpah its really hard to understand why there isn't a greater sense of how ridiculous the position is. its not as bad as murdering your parents and then pleading that you are an orphan, but its close.

Second, I particularly love the assumption that handicapped people prefer death. Remind me again why these people should be in charge of my healthcare?

One in the body;two in the head.Always leave the MF dead. "No Remorse" Tom Clancy.

Sounds like TalkLeft wants to be the person who cares for Hasan for the rest of his life. She could start by volunteering to empty his bedpan.

Yeah, it is pretty "barrybaric" for Obama's military to seek to kill a man with no sensation in his body from the chest down. ;-p