Just a couple of days ago I wrote of the fundraising boycott of the Democratic National Committee and Obama campaign apparatus by liberal gay rights activists. The boycott was in reaction to almost complete inaction, and in some cases what was perceived as insulting conduct, by the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress.

That was then, this is now.

Barney Frank came to rescue and promised that legislation to rescind the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (DADT) law would be attached to next year’s defense appropriations bill, which would come to a vote in the spring or summer and take effect October 1. One month prior to the 2010 mid-term elections.

That was easy. Boycott language toned down, small victory claimed. The boycott is still on but donations now are being funneled to Democratic candidates through other means so the boycott is “largely invisible.”

All may not be well, but it is better for Democrats than two days ago. An uprising in the ranks not quashed, but minimized and marginalized based on a mere promise.

What is the chance Democrats are going to risk a fight over a gay rights issue in an election year? Can you say California Prop. 8 and Maine Question 1? Can you say “bring out the base”?

What is the chance that edgy Democratic Congressmen and Senators are going to want to inject gay rights issues into a defense appropriations bill in an election year? 64 Democrats in the House threw the entire abortion rights movement under the bus in a heartbeat last Saturday night. Good luck with that.

What is the chance the Obama administration and Democrats will completely back down when faced with the troops in the field being defunded over a gay rights issue? That’s a bet I’d be willing to take, and I don’t gamble.

“Next year” is one of the lamest dodges in existence, but it’s all Democrats are willing to give right now. And considering that “next year” is an election year in which Republicans are ascending and Democrats are in full-blown defensive mode, “next year” may just have to wait, again.

Will Obama keep the promise Barney Frank made about DADT? Sure, right after Obama keeps his promise not to give Fox News an interview in 2009.

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