Does playing the race card never grow old? Apparently not when Palin Derangement Syndrome is at work.

At Lawyers, Guns and Money blog, Scott Eric Kaufman is counting non-white people at Sarah Palin book signings, with smoking gun photos such as the photo (right) of white hands at the signing table.

And all because Darleen Click [is that really her name?] at Protein Wisdom, in responding to some comments to her post about PDS, called out those who harp on the race of people at Palin rallies. Proving that no comment at a post should be left unturned, Kaufman writes:

Time to play “Count the Non-White People”! [followed by 12 linked crowd photos]

In all those photographs, there is one non-white person who can be positively identified as having come of their own accord. To Click, pointing out that Palin’s own handlers consider her appeal limited to white people makes me a racist. Over in the increasingly diverse place known as the United States, this is why people like Click should hunker down for a long run of political disappointment.

Being meticulous, Kaufman notes that the non-white person in one photo [*] was just a “security guard.” In another photo showing three Asian people, Kaufman postulates “but only one identifiably of her own volition.” Yes, because any non-white person who attended a Palin book signing must be there involuntarily, apparently.

I wonder if Kaufman also is counting all the non-white hosts at MSNBC. Maybe that explains why MSNBC is failing.

I would have included this in my Saturday Night Card Game series, but I just couldn’t wait.

But maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe Kaufman actually was counting white people. Would that make it better?

*Note: Some of the links have gone dead because SEK’s blog has switched url address.

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