The Associated Press is reporting that AARP, which purports to act in the interest of senior citizens, is going to endorse the $1.2 trillion house health care restructuring bill. The announcement could come as early as tomorrow.

AARP only nominally is a senior citizen interest group. In fact, it is a product-selling machine, and among the many products it offers through marketing deals are insurance plans. Much like Consumers Union, which has shilled for the Democratic Party’s proposals, AARP is a financial conglomerate which misuses its purported non-partisan stature to its own financial benefit.

I have posted on AARP’s shenanigans previously. AARP previously said that it “will not endorse a health care reform bill that would reduce Medicare benefits” yet if the AP report is true, AARP is about to go back on that promise. The current house bill has hundreds of billions of dollars in Medicare cuts.

I’ll have more once AARP goes official.

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