One of the curiosities of the health care debate is the vigor with which two prominent tax-exempt organizations, AARP and Consumers Union, support Democratic proposals which will impose a myriad of taxes on the American people.

AARP is set to announce its support for the current House proposal which cuts Medicare and other federal programs for the poor and elderly by $426 billion and increases taxes by $572 billion. These tax increase numbers do not even include the health care mandate tax imposed on people who do not have acceptable insurance, to be enforced by the IRS.

Consumers Union previously has announced its support for similar proposals announced over the summer. CU’s website offers a completely partisan and one-sided view of these proposals, over-hyping the positives and largely ignoring the negatives.

Both AARP and Consumers Union are tax-exempt organizations, yet they advocate positions which will impose hundreds of billions of dollars in tax increases on the public they supposedly serve, and subject citizens to additional levels of IRS scrutiny.

These tax-loving tax-exempts should be willing to put their money where their pro-tax mouths are, and run their businesses subject to the same taxes as the rest of us. Perhaps then they would not be so liberal in their advocacy of high-tax policies.

UPDATE: Take a look at The Purple Center post on the AARP’s financial interests.

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