Anyone who questions the wisdom of bringing non-civilian Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to trial in a civilian court stands accused of reducing 9/11 to kitschy memory, or something like that:

In the years since, “9/11” has turned into a shorthand for patriotic kitsch for the Wingnutteria, and doesn’t describe a horrific mass murder. For the flag-waving wingnut set, 9/11 brings to mind commemorative plates and coins, paintings of crying bald eagles, and the background noise for torture porn like “24”. There are many layers of kitsch and meaning between the phrase and the memory of the World Trade Centers collapsing (much less a plane hitting the Pentagon)….

The World Trade Center doesn’t mean much to them now; what’s important is “Ground Zero”, a memorial that they imagine was built to honor their own wounded sense of self-righteous patriotism. If you don’t think of New York City as completely real, then of course it’s easy to make the leap into thinking that a New York jury would do fantastical things, like let Khalid Shaik Mohammed go free, or take him seriously as an intellectual person.

Not to worry, there is no possibility that some Bush-Derangement-Syndrome victim will go lone-wolf juror. Because everyone is so rational and patriotic. Or something like that.

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