Received this e-mail from a “fan”:

Sir, just what are you doing for world peace other than complaining about the Nobel selection of Barack Obama?

Well, complaining about the lunatic award of a peace prize to someone who never brought peace to anything was a pretty good place to start. The Nobel Peace Prize was supposed to be about rewarding peacemakers, to encourage other people to become peacemakers.

The Nobel committee, not for the first time, made a complete mockery of the most prestigious peace prize. The committee’s manipulative supporting statement — in which it asked that US. foreign policy bow down at the alter of world opinion — was a sop to the popular accommodationist policies which are anathema to most Americans with good reason. I respect our nation’s sovereignty and safety too much to subject ourselves to the political whims of the Nobel committee and its acolytes.

Criticizing this joke of an award, this slur on the notion of accomplishment, this pathetic attempt to manipulate our sovereignty, was what I did today to advance world peace.

And it was a good start, in my humble opinion, “Sir.”

Update: Michael Tomasky at the left-wing Guardian paper in Britain sees this for exactly what it was, as did I, a manipulative play by the Nobel Committee to tie Obama’s foreign policy hands:

I’m mostly just interested, as you can see, in the domestic politics aspects of this, because I just don’t take it seriously in substantive terms. But I do wonder: will being a Nobel peace prize winner limit his range of options as America’s commander-in-chief in any way? Can a peace prize winner really then go forward and put 20,000 more US soldiers in Afghanistan? Did those sneaky Scandinavian pacifists have this thought up their Scandinavian sleeves?

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