Scrolling through the excellent TaxProf Blog reminded me of a fundamental dynamic in American politics. A large percentage of voters pay no federal income taxes: 47% Will Pay $0 Income Tax in 2009.

But that doesn’t tell the full story. For whom do these non-tax paying voters vote? There will be no shock here. The lower the income, the more likely the person voted for Obama. And at the lowest tax brackets, these voters not only pay no taxes, they likely receive checks from the federal government. (Interestingly, at the highest income level Obama garnered a higher percentage of voters by a small margin, perhaps because people who already have made their fortunes are not as worried by marginal tax rates.)

This chart linked by TaxProf Blog shows the dynamic:

We are witnessing an era where a near majority of voters have no incentive to hold down federal income taxes, and every incentive to increase federal spending on social programs and hand outs. Do not underestimate this dynamic; it is the bread and butter of the Democratic policy prescriptions and agenda.

A tyranny of those who pay no taxes.

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