A columnist at Psychology Today has posted an article about the possibility that Rush Limbaugh will be part of a group to purchase the St. Louis Rams. The article is a must be read, for those who want a good look at racial stereotyping by someone who holds himself out as racially enlightened.

The article is titled If Rush Limbaugh buys the St. Louis Rams, Will it Become All White or All Right?. The sub-heading of the article is “Will Blacks play football for Massah Limbaugh?”

The article is a bizarre rant by someone who is a retired professor of “media psychology.” The author devoted much of his professional life to studying media stereotyping.

Which makes the article even more stunning. The thesis of the article boils down to one big stereotype that only black athletes who share the author’s liberal values are good athletes, and that any black athlete who would play for a Rush Limbaugh-owned team would not only be a sellout, but also no good on the field:

For racists, Limbaugh is a gift that keeps on giving. For minorities, he’s something else that keeps on giving.

It’s doubtful, even if a race-deaf, all-white team or a team with Black players who would play the Faust card for their “opportunity,” that the Rams could break out of the league cellar. Truth is, today, without Black players on an NFL team, you might as well be playing in the JFL (Japanese Football League).

This is the same type of stereotyping used against Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell (when he was Secretary of State, not now), Clarence Thomas, and any other black who rises to power without appropriate liberal credentials.

The sellout card is a pernicious type of racial stereotyping, and it is not surprising that the author, who falsely accuses Limbaugh of being a racist, is incapable of seeing his own hypocrisy and double-standards. Physician, heal thyself.

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