I’m at the point where I have to figure out whether to make some changes to the format of this blog. Don’t worry, it’s not one of those blogger delusions of grandeur, as in, I’ve had a few good months so now I’m all that.

Rather, I want to make this blog more user friendly. I’m going to start running some ads so that I can hire someone to help with the upgrade. I’ll have to decide whether to stick with Blogger (probably) or switch to WordPress or TypePad.

Further not to worry, I won’t start screaming at you like a carnival barker to “hit the tip jar” or insisting that you buy me a Cafe Latté.

But I need to know what my readers would like to see changed, or not changed.

Background and other colors? Keep two columns or convert to three? Anything else you have noticed elsewhere and would like to see implemented here?

Please post a comment, or send me an e-mail at contact-at-legalinsurrection-dot-com. (Once again, the admonition that if you can’t figure out what to change in the address configuration, I’m not sure I really want your comment.)

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