Had anyone outside of 8th Congressional District in Florida heard of Alan Grayson prior to Grayson’s rant that Republicans want people to “die quickly”?

Using the standard of causation employed by Nancy Pelosi, Patrick Kennedy, the nutroots, and other Democrats, Grayson is inciting violence against Republicans. After all, if Republicans are killing people in a “holocaust” (Grayson’s term), shouldn’t people do whatever it takes to stop the Republican holocaust? Using Nancy Pelosi’s logic, Grayson will have blood on his hands if a single Republican, anywhere under any circumstances, is attacked.

But I don’t think Alan Grayson intended to incite violence. Rather, Grayson’s strategy appears to be to incite campaign contributions and publicity. Make no mistake, this is a strategy. Unlike Joe Wilson’s spontaneous combustion, Grayson made his pitch on the floor of the House with charts and prepared sound bites.

And this may be a good short-term strategy for a freshman Democrat Congressman in a traditionally Republican District. Make yourself the darling of the Left, raise money, then make some more outrageous statements, then raise more money.

And it is working. Over $100,000 has been raised for Grayson by left-wing internet sources in the past two days. More important, Grayson’s star has been born in the nutroots universe. Grayson is the darling of the Left for having spoken supposed truth to power, except that Democrats already have all the power. Maybe Grayson should have chanted, “Max Baucus wants to kill your babies!” Or is it grandparents?

For a no-name, done-nothing, who-in-the-world-is-this-guy Congressman, that’s pretty good for a day’s work.

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