Dede Scazzafava’s decision to drop out of the NY-23 race has evoked a round of name-calling and fear-mongering from the left-wing blogosphere not seen since … Wednesday when the left-wing blogosphere shouted “you lie” at Joe Lieberman and called Lieberman a traitor:

  • DownWithTyrrany! – Doug Hoffman is an “ultra right extremist.”
  • Andrew Sullivan – “This blood in the water will bring on more and more and deadlier and deadlier sharks.”
  • AMERICAblog – “There is no room for different ideas in the modern day GOP. The teabaggers rule their world.”
  • Jake McIntyre at DailyKos– Republican Party now “a wild-eyed, exclusionist, birther religio-beast.”
  • Hullabaloo – Watch for the return of the “radical, paranoid right wingers.”

There is a method to this madness. Hoffman has not won the election yet. Expect a full-out media blitz by the Democrats in the last three days of the campaign to portray Hoffman as the reincarnation of Timothy McVeigh.

It’s a meme the George Soros crowd is dusting off as we speak.

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