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California Bloggin’

California Bloggin’

For the next few days I’ll be blogging from the Left coast.

Today I’m going to go see the brush fires. Tomorrow I’ll go see the mud slides. Friday I’ll watch as California’s economy falls off a cliff into the Pacific.

Saturday I will rest.

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Hey! That's my state you're talkin' about!

"Friday I'll watch as California's economy falls off a cliff into the Pacific. "

You missed that by months at least. If you hurry, though, you can watch as our legislature administers the coup de grace.

Enjoy your visit out here. 🙂

Welcome to my world.

Any time to visit the super-blogger Left Coast Rebel?

Agree with pubsecrets above….the economy has already crashed and tumbled into the sea….


If you are in the San Fernando valley, look me up!