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Zelaya The Insane

Zelaya The Insane

The saga of Manuel Zelaya should be a teachable moment to the Obama administration. As reported in the Miami Herald, Zelaya’s insanity is seeping out. Zelaya claims he is the victim of radiation and mind control experiments and is being targeted by Israeli mercenaries.

This is the man the Obama administration has been trying hard to restore to power in Honduras. A crazy, power-hungry tyrant in the image of Hugo Chavez, Muammar alKhadaffi and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

By taking Zelaya’s side, the Obama administration has betrayed an ally and friend. More important, the Obama administration’s foreign policy has been revealed to be as insane as Zelaya.

We bully our friends, twist the concept of the rule of law to portray our allies as criminals, and impose sanctions and other get-tough tactics only against people who like us. A foreign policy gone mad, in which good is bad and friend is foe.

I really hope the Obama administration learns the right lessons from its failed love affair with the crazy Zelaya. But I won’t hold my breath on that one.

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I wouldn't bet on him learning anything. He acts as though he is beyond learning and is now teaching us all. His speeches are filled with his perceptions of what he believes America was and what he wants it to be, which do not have any common ground.

According to Obama the time for talking is over, and everything from domestic to foriegn policy now has to immediately change to reflect his wishes, including the thousand year old Middle East problem.

Expect more of the same, I am afraid. I don't think he has sufficiently bashed Canada, nor kissed Castro enough yet.

This would be funny if it wasn't so sad and pathetic. Also the fact that our President believes that this anti-semite lunatic should be the leader of anything other than a mental ward is chilling. F

The Obama administration will learn nothing.BO's speech at the UN was such self-aggrandizing popycock that anyone with any sense sees an ego run amok with very little experience or substance behind it. Beholdant to a failed political philosophy that denigrates individual freedom-initiative and promotes statism BO gives despots a pass and gives credence to their complaints about the US, while our friends he gives the back of his hand. The irony is that he has become a foreign policy embarrassment quicker than anyone had contemplated. It's sad really and unfortunately ultimately very dangerous for us.

"crazy, power-hungry tyrant in the image of Hugo Chavez" oh men that line sold me the entire article 😀

The sad thing is, this will only endear him to the American left. I wonder how long before Jimmy Carter starts making the same complaints (that said, brain-scrambling jewish radiation machines would explain soooo much about Jimmy…..).