Barack Obama is flooding the news shows this morning with appearances on five networks (excluding Fox, of course). More of the same, as if an address to a joint session of Congress and “major” speeches almost every day were not enough.

The attitude from the top down is that of a “bunch of cry babies” who can’t seem to get it in their heads that a majority of people do not want the Democrats’ cockamamie Rube Goldberg-like health care scheme. The supposed simpletons, mocked openly in the mainstream media and left-wing blogs, also know that apology tours, including the upcoming UN Security Council fiasco, gain us neither respect nor security, and that mountains of debt come with a price we cannot afford to pay.

The supposed dummies who oppose the White House on so many issues have more common sense in each of their little pinkies than the collective intellectual heft of the NY Times, Washington Post, and halls of Congress combined. Common sense is not tested on the SATs, so our intelligentsia does not consider common sense a value worth having.

The media smoke, fire and theatrics from the White House mask a feebleness of ideas, a lack of historical appreciation, and a pitiful willingness to become sycophants for the petty and not-so-petty tyrants of the world. Sorry never seems to be the hardest word for this White House.

So ignore the man behind the curtain, and watch someone of true determination, Ronald Reagan. Of course, the mainstream media and precursors to the left-wing blogosphere called Reagan a fool and dummy as well. But his ideas, which are the ideas of the opposition in this country, have withstood the test of time:


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