Afghanistan is one issue around which there should be bi-partisan support. The consequences of the Taliban taking over the country and giving al-Qaeda and other radical Islamist groups a home base is too much to risk.

Obama seems to have a profound sense that the stakes are greater than the latest poll numbers. The strategy he is pursuing is yet to be fully defined, but it appears that he is taking into consideration the strategic advice of the military rather than the strategic advice of his pollsters. Whether Obama picks a good strategy and whether he shows the determination to see it through remains to be seen.

The one thing which is clear, however, is that Obama needs the support of the country. Unlike Obama’s other weak or counter-productive foreign policy positions (Honduras and Iran, as examples), Obama understands that weakness in Afghanistan will lead to disaster.

Obama seems to have learned the right lessons from the Iraq surge, which is not necessarily to send more troops, but that failure cannot be a policy.

The Democrats in Congress who declared Iraq lost and the surge sure to fail (including Obama himself at the time) cannot be trusted with national security now anymore so than in the past. The Democrats in Congress still are fighting George Bush. The rest of us are fighting against an ideology of death.

The supporters of the people who flew planes into the World Trade Center would do it again in a heartbeat if given the chance. At least Obama seems determined not to give them that chance, and for that he deserves our support.

UPDATE: Supporting Obama on Afghanistan does not meaning we stop asking hard questions, such as Four Marines Dead: Who Changed the Rules of Engagement?

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