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Slow Blogging

Slow Blogging

If you’ve noticed, thing have been slow here the past couple of days. Still trying to recover from the flu and tonight starts the Jewish New Year, so I will not be doing new posts until Sunday.

In the meantime, check out the blogs and posts in the toolbar.


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Happy new year. i suggest that tonight you should party like it 4999!

(sorry, couldn't resist.)

Professor, Happy New Year and hope you're all well soon!

Sorry to hear you are not back to full health. Rest and enjoy your New Year celebration.

Ohh, so you are a jooooooooooooooooo?
No wonder you hate the first muslim president ever!!

Ironically, the most I ever continuously posted was last March when I was recovering from my first bout of pneumonia! I was so bored, and you can only sleep so much. But, it was probably unwise and much better to disengage from the blogging matrix now and then just to remind ourselves that we're still actually human beings. Get well soon.

Happy New Year and scurry back to full health soon.

Happy New Year…rest and lots of Florida orange juice (of course!).