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Reality Sinking In For Democrats

Reality Sinking In For Democrats

To read the left-wing blogosphere and mainstream media, one would think that the American people were victims of a vast right-wing conspiracy. As if the critics of creeping government control of the health care and economic systems somehow were misleading an otherwise liberal population into opposing Democratic liberal plans.

To the contrary, it is the Democrats who have twisted the politics so as to overstate the reality underlying the 2008 presidential and congressional elections. While Democrats won big in 2008, that win did not reflect any liberal shift in the population. The reality consistently has been that this is a more conservative than liberal society, based on how people self-identify.

The trap into which liberal Democrats have fallen is to mistake an electoral win having nothing to do with ideology for an embrace of liberalism and big government. To the extent Democrats viewed the 2008 elections as an endorsement of liberal policies, Democrats now are meeting reality.

Democrats beat the odds in 2008. Reality is beginning to sink in in 2009. Electoral politics will revert to reality in 2010, and once again reflect that is a center-right nation.

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Democrats did not win in 2008. Republicans lost in 2008.

Hey! First of all… I am your "blog of the day?" Wow! I feel priveleged!! Thanks.

I'll just add to your observations about 2008 at this point. The fact is… many of the Obama voters are not what one would consider the standard Democrat. The party was hijacked last year. Through a series of rather "fishy" activities. Caucus fraud. Repeated playing of "The Race Card." Overt sexism. And worse….

We are now getting a clearer view of Obama's Kingdom of Czars. Let me assure you … the likes of Van Jones were never Democrats to begin with. They are infiltrators. Pure and simple.

I could continue. But in the interest of brevity… I'll just end by saying…. if rank and file Dems get a real gander at what's happening…. 2010 will result in unprecedented gains for the GOP.

I hope they won't forget who votes them in.

From what I have observed, I agree with Yellar Dawg that the Democrats have been infiltrated by the Communists that are currently showing themselves as Greens.

In my country there is a separate political party called the Greens. One of their most prominent members ditched them to join the ALP which is the Australian equivalent of the Democrats. The Deputy Prime Minister in Australia is another prime example. She is in fact a communist. Her stripes have not changed.

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