Thank you, Honduras

For standing up to the U.S. government’s legally dishonest and morally bankrupt attempt to engineer the return to power of Manuel Zelaya, the Hugo Chavez wannabe. You have exposed the lie (are we allowed to say that word?) that the Obama administration supports freedom and the rule of law.

Stay strong, even in the face of Zelaya’s (U.S.-backed?) antic of sneaking back into the country as a guest of the Brazilian embassy.

Is it wrong to root against one’s own government? When large segments of the Democratic Party hoped we would lose in Iraq and the surge would fail, the consequences would have been dead Americans and victory for our enemies.

Wanting our government’s policies to fail in Honduras will not result in a single American death, and will give victory to people who support the U.S.

So I hope Obama falls flat on his face in Honduras, and that Hillary trips over him.

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