Big news in Britain. If you move, you no longer have to drop your physician.

Why would you have to drop your physician, you ask. Because in Britain’s nationalized health system, doctors are rationed by geographic area and restricted to serving people in that area. As reported in The Telegraph:

GP practices often run very tight boundaries and refuse to take patients who live even 100 yards too far away or on the wrong side of the road and people who move house are forced to change their surgery.

But within the next year patients will be able to choose to remain with a favoured doctor when they move house or register with one near work or school if they choose.

Under new plans to be announced in a keynote speech in London Mr Burnham will say GPs will not be able to refuse to take patients because they live too far away.

The fact that Brits have not previously known even this fundamental health care freedom, the ability to choose and keep your doctor, says so much about nationalized health care.

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