“It’s War.”

So screams left-wing blogger Zandar feeding off of the frenzied writings of Washington Post columnist Steven Pearlstein, who declared health care protesters “political terrorists.” To make sure we didn’t miss the point, Zandar put the words in bold type. The blog is Zandar Versus the Stupid. If ever there were an ironic blog name, that is it.

So, they’ve gone into Town Hall Blitz mode. The country is already a poorer place for it. They’ve tapped into Obama Derangement Syndrome for a toxic boost of raw energy. They’re willing to take any and every risk to win. They have to. I dont think the Democrats quite understand it yet (some do), but more and more people are coming around to this fact. It’s war.

It sure is going to be a long, hot August, unless people on both sides ratchet down the rhetoric. Someone is going to get hurt. Not from asking hard questions, or even shouting. Heated debate is a democratic (small “d”) pressure relief valve.

It’s not a war. Don’t make it one. Stupid.

Dan Collins says Civility Now!

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